Provolone Cheese


At Raikes Farms we explicitly follow the recipe that is crafted by our cheese makers to produce an exclusive provolone – it is rBST Free, growth hormone free and antibiotic free.

• rBST Free
• No Preservatives
• No Artificial Ingredients


Sysco UPC: 1362054
Ingredients: Pasteurized Whole Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, And Enzymes: Contains Milk
Color: White to Light Cream Body 1-2 NCI color standard: Firm, smooth, and resilient
Texture: Closed, Elastic, pasta filata characteristics
Flavor: Mild, Slightly Salty, Clean
Size: 12 LB. ‘Salami’ Loaves
Cooking Method: Serve sliced, cubed, shredded or melted
Individually Wrapped 12.0 LB. Loaves – Vacuum Packed; Three 12.0 LB Loaves Per Case
Average Box Weight: Contents Net LBS. 35.5 to 37.5 CW/Per Case 
Handling: Refrigerate 38 to 45 Degrees (F), Store at 35 – 45 F, 90 day Shelf Life 
Product Specifications: Moisture 42.0-44.5% Target 43.5% , PH 5.15-5.4 Target 5.2, Salt 1.3-2.0% Target 1.8%
Microbiological Specifications: Salmonella (per 50 gram) – Negative, Staphylococcus (coag+)(per gram)- Negative Coliform – < 10
E. Coli – Negative, Y&M – <100 per gram